Stoppa spoofing bedrägeri mail

Spara mailet genom att dubbelklicka på det i outlook och välj spara i arkivmenyn. Högerklicka sedan på filen som sparas och komprimera till en zip-fil. Maila sedan filen till oss. Vi analyserar den på You just select the Message Analyzer and you paste the header here.


articles regarding spoofing:


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How to stop spoofing:

You can create a transport rule in order to prevent such spoofed emails from getting delivered to the internal users. Please refer below transport rule details:


                                            If the sender domain is "" 


                                            The sender is outside the organization



                                            Redirect the message to the hosted quarantine


                                            Generate an incident report and send it to "Administrator" and select "include all properties"


                                            IF the sender IP address is "Public IP address of your SMTP mail server/any scanners/printers/websites sending emails to Office 365 or EOP"

                                            (Note: You would need to make sure that you are specifying all the outbound IP address that are sending emails using your domain.)

                                            And / Or

                                            You may specify any other exception with some unique content or the headers in the email.

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